True North Professional Studies                              (Chapter of Seattle Study Club)

True North Professional Studies is the only chapter of Seattle Study Club in the East Metro area of the Twin Cities.  It is a study club providing the highest quality of continuing education through its affiliation with Seattle Study Club.  Its members consist of dentists and dental specialists furthering their education through a structured curriculum that incorporates an understanding of total case management, participation with clinical interaction, and learning with one’s peers.  Founded in 1993, the program is nearing its 30-year anniversary.

** PLEASE NOTE: The closing dinner at Tria has been changed to Friday, May 31st **


True North Professional Studies’ members include very special dental professionals committed to improving their knowledge, skills, and ability to care for patients through three fundamental disciplines: education, encouragement, and excellence.

The curriculum involves the opportunity for lectures, workshops, and symposia that sets our members above and beyond those simply seeking routine continuing education.  And it avoids the random nature of many continuing education offerings.  The study club also provides members a unique networking opportunity with other dentists, dental specialists, high-end speakers, and vendors. 

A focus of the program is comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment planning, and treatment planning sessions are an integral part of our program.

Our affiliation with Seattle Study Club provides access to numerous well-known names in dental education and the highest quality programming available.  This structured programming is constantly being reassessed and refined to address the rapid changes in our practice environment.

North Star Hygiene Study Club 

True North Professional Studies sponsors a dental hygiene study club, newly rebranded as the North Star Hygiene Study Club for the 2022-2023 academic year.  Like our doctors’ group, this club is dedicated to hygienists that would like access to some of the best continuing education programming available.

The group is open to all hygienists, even if they practice for a doctor not in our TNPS doctors’ group.  We are asking all our hygiene members to recruit their colleagues to join, as we believe that our greatest learning occurs when we interact as a group.

Our hygiene program has been redesigned for the 2022-2023 academic year to incorporate a live Friday session held in conjunction with our doctors’ group.  The other sessions are independent from our doctors’ group.  And we are planning to have our TNPS Periodontal Advisor available at these meetings to facilitate questions from our members.


DIRECTOR:  Dr. Paul Vollmer

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