True North Chapter of Seattle Study Club

True North Professional Studies is a study group for dental professionals based in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area of Minnesota. Founded in 1993 with twelve members, it has grown to include more than 30 dentists and specialists, who seek to further their expertise at the many symposia, lectures, and workshops provided each year. This year, True North will be entering our 25th year of Excellence in Continuing Dental Education.


True North Professional Studies is a gathering of very special individuals intent on improving their skills and capability to treat patients through three disciplines: education, encouragement, and excellence.

True North is committed to the highest level of post-graduate educational experiences. Many of these experiences come through the most advanced teaching clinicians in the world. Additionally, an organized teaching vision is constantly being refined to address the rapid changes in our practice environments.

Treatment planning sessions are held to discuss interesting clinical cases and apply the knowledge gained in lecture. Discussion of these cases among generalists and specialists encourages each practitioner to apply newly learned skills in his or her practice.

True North also sponsors the True North Women’s Focus Group, which provides a unique environment for women dentists to learn and share experiences that pertain specifically to women’s issues. Under the leadership of Dr. Mary Ann Bunczak, TNWFG will continue to provide meaningful, specialized programs.  

New to our continuing education offerings is the True North Hygiene Study Group. This group is specifically for dental hygienists. To see the 2017-18 schedule of events and learn more about this fantastic group please click here TNHSG Schedule of Events.



DIRECTOR:  Dr. Marshall (Marty) Wade

True North Oral Surgery & Implants

9950 Valley Creek Rd., Suite 100

Woodbury, MN 55125

WORK PHONE:  Maplewood Office Phone Number 651-578-7000

CELL PHONE:  651-342-3510

Email Address:  or [email protected]


CELL PHONE:  651-769-5535

Email Address: [email protected]     

True North Women’s Focus Group

Director: Dr. Mary Ann Bunczak

Coordinator: Cindy Olson

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone: Maplewood Office Phone Number 651-578-7000, ext. 1516

True North Hygiene Study Group

Directors: Maureen Trapp, RDH, Marshall Wade, DDS

Coordinator: Terri Wade

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone: 651-769-5535